WRETCHED LITTLE GIRL (warts and all version) EP

by Thunderfeels

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Aysyne What an amazing EP!! 6 tracks of AWESOME by Thunderfeels. Brilliantly produced and every tune changes direction taking you by surprise.
The lyrics, vocals and orchestration are second to none. The brass arrangement alone on DLC will blow your mind!
Cannot wait for the next Thunderfeels experience! Favorite track: THUNDERSPEAKER.
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released November 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Thunderfeels Louisville, Kentucky

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Somewhere out there
there is water flowing over stones that I will never see
or never touch...
and it's killing me

We're hacking through the deeps now
why you got your head bowed?
find your strength in the sound
Let the music be your voice, brittle bones
Oh my little brittle bones
We're hacking through the deeps now
why you got your head bowed?
don't be scared by the sound
of the air in your lungs, brittle bones
Oh my little brittle bones.

Being human is such a loathsome business
too clear cut and definite
I would rather be the air
I cannot breathe
give me some air
Let me be the air
Here I am once again
putting my hand right into the mouth of a lion
here I am tempting fate and giving in
Here I am leaving myself wide open
to suggestion and to temptation
here I am pretending maybe you've changed
But like a church opens it's doors
you invite me in and the ceremony begins
This ritual we've performed time and time again
Like a church opens it's doors
you invite me in and we pretend we'll be forgiven for our sins
we say our prayers and sing our hymns into each other's skin

It's always starts out the same
you get to drinking and thinking about how good I can be at this game
knight takes pawn, checkmate
and it's such a shame that like a fool I come running
coz' you know I love to hear you scream my name
angels fall
like a church opens it's doors
the lion opens up it's jaws
and like a wine
I am poured
into your mouth again

I just can't be around you anymore
I'm not even sure what it is about you that leaves me wanting more
but I know I'm powerless to do anything about it
that look in your eye, it wraps around me like a vine
and that's why I can't be around you anymore

You're blowing up my phone
trying to act like we're friends but we both know exactly what we're here for
knight takes pawn, checkmate
and though I don't really like you
I can't stop myself from unwrapping your packaging coz' it's so beautiful
angels fall
like a church opens it's doors
the lion opens up it's jaws
and like a drunk
I fall into your arms again

Here I am
standing on your back porch
I know you unlocked the door and you're just waiting for me
to come on upstairs and break you in
Here I am
coming to the realization that no matter what you do
you could never satisfy me
Here I am
walking away
You always were kind of a punk ass piss baby bitch
and before we became estranged I could almost tolerate it
You've got some kinda' nerve to call yourself an artist
when all you can paint is yourself as a victim and I, for one,
am so over it

I'm over it, I'm over it
I'm too grown for this, I'm letting go of it
Go out and get yourself a new aesthetic
but when you do don't ask me to look at it
coz' I'm over it, I'm using real magic
I'm not tryna' fool around with no waldenbooks witch
I'm about to set a fire in your flesh
bust a fat chill and bask in the glow of it

Now you need to know that I don't hate you
but there is no love big enough to save you
Now you need to know that I don't blame you
but I will take my love where it's of value
I'm not too good at saying goodbye
I've never been that strong
but you need to be gone up out of my life
this is your exorcism

And this song will liberate me from the monster you've become
and then I'll be cooking with napalm
Track Name: DLC
I woke up today feeling like a wizard
casting spells and turning people into lizards
and I hadn't even had my coffee yet
or lit the day's first cigarette
I fed the goats and crashed a baby shower
DJ'd a funeral 'till they shut off the power
and made a nativity scene out of some pork and beans
you take yourself too serious
Mary and Joseph are both delicious

The body's just a gaming system and the soul is...
downloadable content, yeah.

I emerge with my hair in curlers
wearing a bathrobe and fuzzy bunny slippers
cigarette in hand
not following the plan
this diamond heist will be a complete failure
if I don't get my shit together
but at least I'll go out looking fabulous
When we were kids we were always together
playing house of the dead at the arcade
closer than brothers, man, we were inseparable
until I moved away...
then everything changed...
Came to this party tonight thrown by an old friend
imagine my surprise at finding you here
How kind the years have been to you
dancing in the living room, man
you sure learned how to move
gliding like smoke and melting away

Let's melt away...

Just for tonight there's no wrong or no right
Just for tonight there's only pleasure, baby
Just for tonight keep a hold of me tight
we don't have to fight it, no, we can surrender, baby

Surrender into the music
like black silk underwater
your body moves in whispers

Pull me into the kitchen to get me alone
pour us both glasses of wine
You grab my shirt and pull me in closer
plant a kiss on my lips, then another
your hands gliding like smoke
the fears melting away...

Let's melt away...

Keep a hold of me tight like if you don't you'll die
let me supply a love you measure, baby
She was born in the northern hills
wears hiking boots not high heels
and if it ain't made of leather
it ain't gonna' fit her tonight
They took away her only treasure
but they'll never take away her pride
and the weight of her grief
shall not be pushed aside
Going into battle with no weapons
just her body, her voice, and her mind
coz' she knows only weak little boys
need guns or knives
When she speaks the birds will stop singing
on account of the storm she's bringing
and the power in her words
will make grown men cry

coz' she's a hunter, gatherer, firetender, thunderspeaker
mother, teacher, firetender, thunderspeaker

It's always the same in times like these
the media gathers the powers that be
to shed crocodile tears
and pretend to grieve
But when the mic comes her way
and she explains what happened that day
there'll be nowhere to run
no route of escape
She stares them down and tells 'em about her boy
how he was shot dead over a toy
and about how it took him
a whole day to die
Because of a badge the killer's alright
and we'll never have to worry 'bout our kid's lives
because our kids
were born white

The truth hurts like a motherfucker, don't it?
Truth hurts like a motherfucker, don't it?
The blood is on our hands whether or not we want it
How long will we let them get away with murder?